Wednesday, June 18, 2014

CM Products Available to Order

There's a whole lot of legal mumbo-jumbo behind the reasons why, but there are a few CM products available again, at slightly below the former retail prices.  

There aren't any CCS blades or replacement blades for the old trimmers, nor will you find any white or spargo pages listed.  

There are, however, coversets available, and you can order white or spargo pages with protectors from Ahni & Zoe that will fit in the CM coversets just fine.  Those page/protector sets cost $29.50 for a set of 16, which is comparable to CM's pre-bankruptcy prices.  

If you are looking for Tape Runner or Refills, those are also available through Ahni & Zoe, at prices of $9.50 & $8.50 respectively.  The A&Z refills fit the most recent CM tape runner.  

I am still an Ahni & Zoe Consultant, though I don't plan to stay one much longer.  I will either deactivate by the end of this month, having not met my minimum purchase requirement, or, in the event that ya'll order lots and lots of stuff, I'll be resigning by July 31.  It is time for me to move on to other things, but fear not!  I'll still be offering classes and workshops, and working to build Erica's Memory Solutions.  

To view the Ahni & Zoe products, click here.  White/Spargo pages are found under "Other."

To view the CM Outlet products, click here.  Please note that all products are While Supplies Last.  

Please order directly through me, as I no longer show up in any kind of search on the website and would not get credit or commission from your order.  I'm happy to help you complete it, and I deliver!  I still accept Visa & Mastercard, personal checks, and cash.  

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