Sunday, December 3, 2017

Not Craft Related, but Something AWESOME Anyway!

Some of you know that I've been working as a long-term substitute since last Thanksgiving, essentially. I taught kindergarten for most of last year and then started this school year in 3rd grade while the teacher was out on maternity leave. Full time working, especially teaching, means lots of hours away from home, and lots of work at home too. My family manages pretty well and I'm fortunate that I have a husband who supports my passion for teaching despite the pitifully low pay and crazy hours. I digress.....

I generally shop at Smith's (part of the Kroger family with Fred Meyer and some other stores), and I really like doing the grocery shopping, but when I'm working, I have to let some things go. So I tried ClickList, which is Smith's version of internet grocery shopping. You click, add things to your cart, put in your credit card and you're done! Then you go pick them up, where some lovely people load them in your trunk and off you go! They usually bring me a bottle of water and some kind of snack, like a granola bar or a banana.

I find that I don't spend as much money on impulse purposes. The flip side of that coin is that I'm not reminded to grab this or that as I'm wandering through the store, so I do have to make the occasional run in between major trips. However, this program has been a LIFESAVER for me! There's a $5 fee for the service, but I often recoup that in the form of substitutions. See, if they don't have a small tub of the hummus I want, they give me a larger one for the same price. And I can take in my printed coupons! Plus, the plastic bags they use for ClickList are stronger and larger than the ones you normally get at the check stand.

If you get a chance to try this service, go for it! I'll never look at grocery shopping the same.

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