Monday, December 21, 2015

Memory Manager & StoryBook Information

For those of you still using Storybook Creator or Memory Manager...This is a good time to remind you to get your backups done - MM vault, SB projects, content, activation codes. Always good to have everything in at LEAST 2 different places...
I'm sure you know the software (Memory Manager and StoryBook) is no longer supported - meaning no further bug fixes, enhancements or compatibility fixes are being made by any company - CM, Panstoria or Forever.
If you have all the updates for SB you can easily print your projects to Panstoria Print Shop shop with the Order/Purchase button and life is good.
Effective 1/31/2016 the Panstoria store and print shop will shutdown. 
After 1/31/2016 your SB software will no longer upload directly to Panstoria print shop or Forever print shop and you will not be able to purchase content or software from Panstoria store.
All purchases will need to be made at
If you LOVE Storybook Creator and want to continue creating great projects, you have 2 options:
1 - Continue using SB at your own risk. Create projects and save them as jpgs and print locally or elsewhere. This functionality will NOT change after 1/31/2016, but please realize that the solution to any SB problem you may experience going forward will be to upgrade to Artisan4 (if you have a 32bit machine) or Artisan5 (if you have a 64bit machine).
2 - Upgrade to Artisan. Artisan4 (if you have a 32bit machine) or Artisan5 (if you have a 64bit machine).
My personal suggestion, do this upgrade on your own timeline and not when your machine crashes and you have to reinstall SB (you won't be able to - even now), or when a Windows update interferes with how SB works with your operating system.
Forever has provided another opportunity to purchase Artisan and Historian at a discount...but there won't be many of these discounts offered going forward. You can now use coupon code MERRY20 for 20% off software, art kits and permanent storage from Forever (coupon good through 12/30). 

Even if you aren't ready to run the upgrade today or this weekend. Consider purchasing it on sale and having it ready to go when you are - hopefully before 1/31/2016. Please put my name in the ambassador spot at checkout. I've included screenshots of where you put your coupon code in (before credit card) and where you choose an Ambassador (same page as credit card).
There's a fabulous FB resource for those making the move to Artisan5. You can search to learn from others who have already upgraded and post new questions if you have any.

What have *I* done?  

Well, I've upgraded to Historian and Artisan 4 several months ago.  The transition was smooth and seamless.  All of my photos, organizing, tags, and folders came over.  In Artisan, all of my digital content transferred and opened just fine.  I have not upgraded to Artisan 5 yet, but I will down the road.  

Why am I linking you to Skye's Ambassador account?  Because I have not chosen to become an ambassador with Forever.  So I'm no longer earning any commission on digital products.  My friend Skye is with Forever, and she's AWESOME with all things digital.  :-)

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.  

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